Yoon Sheng

I’m Yoon Sheng (surname Yeap), was born in Malaysia. Yet everyone would call me as YS. I have been here for 10 years to deepen my studies till Master Degree and work in Drug Discovery field for R&D work. I wish to be in Therapeutic Development in long run as my on-going plan. I have started yoga practice since graduated, and have been indulging in the practice for almost 5.5 years.

I have acquired my certification in teaching yoga with a Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT) from a Yoga Alliance (YA) recognized institute backdated 2018, and have been teaching in Real Yoga and Align Studio AMK as well. Specializing in Hatha Yoga, I have possessed knowledge in yoga movements (asana practice) and able to deliver the message to the student in a functional and creative way. To me, Yoga is about integrating mind, body and spirit in union.  Through yoga practice, it is designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance our body. I believe that each pose has its own specific physical benefits, as this low-impact exercise focuses on breath control, abdominal strength, spine, pelvis and shoulder stabilization, muscular flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening exercise in a functional way. 

For my own practice wise, I have indulged myself in Astanga/Vinyasa styled and Hatha Yoga styled which includes backbend and twist, active and passive stretches, basics and foundation classes, as well as yoga therapy and gentle yoga. Yoga has given me a sense of belongings, calmness in my mind with focus and concentration. Practice itself has helped to reboot my energy for the rest of the day no matter how good or bad the day is. I would be satisfied for my practice when I able to incorporate deep breathings especially during invert, backbend or vinyasa flow.

Yoga is the discipline of my life. It has trained my mind to become stronger and determined with persistence in the meantime. And now, I hope to be more creative for my asana practice. My love about teaching yoga “Teach with devoted heart”. Therefore, my wish: “When my students leave their class, I hope they feel relaxed, satisfied and happy with their practice. Most importantly, the breathing sounds are much meaningful to me, as they are really working hard with me during the class.”

Qualification & Achievements

  • RY YTTC 200 h (Y2018)
  • Certificate of Participation in 3rd National Yoga Competition 2019 (Yogaasana and Artistic Solo)
  • Certificate of Participation in 1st National Yoga Sports Competition 2017 (Yogaasana and Artistic Pair)
  • Certificate of Participation in 7th Asian Yoga Sports Championship 2017 (Yogaasana and Artistic Pair)
  • Certification of Training from Union Yoga Ayurveda Jun 2016