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Yoga Teachers

Ms. Diana Loh

Founder & Chief Yoga Instructor

In 2007, Diana started teaching yoga to individuals and small groups and in 2011 founded Avante Yoga. Several types of yoga – Restorative, Gentle, Stretch, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yogalates, Weight loss & Detox Yoga etc are conducted for individuals and groups. Classes are restricted to a maximum of 40 individuals per session to ensure personal guidance and attention.

With this dedication, students are able and delighted to achieve results within a short time.  In addition, Diana shares her knowledge in wellness, beauty and food nutrition when complemented with yoga as her secret to endless youth.

Diana started her yoga journey in 2002 and soon discovered the enhancing benefits of yoga  to her physical and mental well being. Yoga helped her digestive problem,  accelerated the recovery process of a torn leg ligament and greatly improved her energy level. This greatly spurred both her passion for yoga and the desire to share.

Diana attained her Instructor Certificate from Indian Yoga Institute of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA), Bangalore India in 2005. That same year, she represented Singapore in the National & International Himalaya Yoga Olympiad held at SVYASA Bangalore. Diana came in first place in the above 24 years old group.

Ms. Trudy Tan

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of Trudy’s workout routine for several years now. It was when she fell in love with Vinyasa Style Yoga where Trudy found the beautiful connection between breath and movement. This is when the real Yoga journey began for her.

Since that day in 2017, Yoga has become a regular part of her life. In 2018 she obtained her 200 hours Yoga Teaching Training Certification (YTTC) from Avante Face Body Yoga Studio.  Trudy started teaching part-time immediately after graduation in the same studio.  After teaching for 2 years, she furthered her education in Yoga by taking on a 300 hours YTTC certificate with Aligned Yoga School.  She successfully graduated this in 2020 as an Aligned Yoga Teacher, as well as attained her RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance.

Trudy believes in practicing yoga with the student’s well-being in mind and teaches the form with the focus on alignment and anatomy.  She has learnt time and again that happiness is found in moments of alignment.

She believes that advanced yoga postures can only be achieved by understanding the pose and building strong foundations. Regardless the class level, she takes care of everyone by offering modification and accessible options.

Trudy’s favorite moments are in helping people find and blend their true values into their practice.

Ms. Yoon Sheng

Yoga Instructor

Everyone has known her as YS:D. A girl who is passionate to indulge her footprints, be it in Drug Discovery and Development field or yoga practice cum teaching journey as well. Without doubt, she is well-recognized as “bendy yogi”, yet her aspiration is to connect with her students, to help them in their journey, be it physically or mentally. She would describe herself as “A cheerful girl” as well, to bring lots of joys and laughter to her surroundings, though she did encountered hurdles in her life always. She said,” Well, no matter rains or shines life still goes on” :D.

She has been teaching since 2018, hopping around multiple studios, at Real Yoga, Trust Yoga, Align Studio, U studio, Bold Fitness, True Yoga and aerial studio. Specializing in Hatha Yoga, she believes that practicing yoga with students’ well-being in mind, hoping to deliver asana practice to them in a fun, creative and functional way. She believes that through yoga practice, each pose has its own specific physical benefits, as this low-impact exercise focuses on breath control, abdominal strength, spine, pelvis and shoulder stabilization, muscular flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening exercise in a functional way.

To her, Yoga is about integrating mind, body and spirit in union, the discipline of her life. She hopes to bring this culture to her students. Her love about teaching yoga “Teach with devoted heart”. She hopes to see always, “When the students leave her classes, she hopes they feel relaxed, satisfied and happy with their practice.”
Stay tune! She has plans in mind, to bring in different teaching elements from her trainings to her students. Checkout her schedule at AVANTE, you will be glad to know her as well:D.

Qualification & Achievements
• [10 h Budokon Yoga Introduction] Training – [Dec 12-13, 2020]
• [50-Hour Dynamic Flow & Asana Lab CET] Training- [Aug 7-9 and 15-16, 2020]
• [10 Hours Online Functional Anatomy Course] Training- [May 30-June 7, 2020]
• 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course by Real Yoga Pte Ltd. (2018)
• [Yoga Teacher Training Course] Training – 200 h, completed in Aug 2018 [10 h Yenny Christine’s Workshop] Training – [Aug 27-28, 2017]
• [Muscle and Movements in Yoga Postures] Training – [June 13-19, 2016]
• [21 Days Real Hot Challenge] Training – [June 1-21, 2015]

    Ms. Alyssa

    Yoga Instructor

    Alyssa tried her first yoga class back in 2009 but didn’t become a regular practitioner until 2018 when she started attending Diana’s classes at Avante Body and Wellness . Since then, yoga has quickly become a passion for her, and she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Avante in 2020. What she loves about yoga is not just the physical attributes of strengthening the body but also its power to introduce mindfulness into one’s daily life and to improve mental health.

    Alyssa loves teaching dynamic flows focusing on a mixture of strength, balance, and mobility. Having dealt with her own lower back and hamstring injuries in the past, she is extra attentive to alignment and giving her students clear cues and variations to have a safe and injury-free practice where they can progress at their own pace.

    Mukul Joshi

     Yoga Instructor

    I am an qualified professional yoga teacher with international experience.
    I started my journey of yog with YIC course from SVYASA Bangalore and took it to further level with Diploma and Masters in yog. To enhance my practical knowledge I learned Ashtanga, Iynegar & one month TTC from Rishikesh.

    With the aim to spread my knowledge and experience worldwide I stepped out from national boundaries and worked in china and taiwan . There I got opportunity to conduct some workshops like :- chair yoga , asana Alignment, arm balance, yoga with props etc.
    My teaching styles entails – Hatha , Ashtanga, Iyengar , Therapeutic yoga and Yoga for relaxation.

    In my class I always try my best to make members comfortable so that they can learn and improve their practice.


     Yoga Instructor

    Janice started her fitness journey with boxing and high intensity weight trainings. She started yoga at Avante and fell in love with it since then.

    Yoga is always a challenge for Janice and has allowed her to grow in many ways. It has helped complement her weight training by increasing her flexibility and mobility.

    Join Janice to discover your love in exercising!

    Jessie Wang

     Yoga/Fitness Instructor

    Jessie is a well known community certified Aerial yoga & Aerobics Exercise instructor with over 19 years of teaching experience. She enjoy dance movement exercise & the beautiful flow of aerial in the air. She has also participated in many Celebrity Fitness Association Event.

    Her goal is to help her students achieve their fitness and health goals while having fun through creative moves like belly dance, zumba, tabata and more.

    As a certified aerial yoga & Aerobics exercise instructor , I am generally into dance movement exercise & the beautiful flow of aerial in the air, but more than anything else, I believe in fun while exercising!

    My enjoyment includes helping people of all ages by shaping and reaching their health goals, kick-start in their trainings, and feel better in both their body and soul. I believes everyone are able to find their own comfort and confident somewhere no matter on the gound or in the air of hammock dance. so my specialty is to associate intensity with aesthetic, and perspiration with safety.

    Let’s be better than yesterday and improve while having fun, together with me.