Pigmentation Treatment Singapore

Would you let professionals analyze your skin and suggest effective treatments? Pigmentation is skin discoloration, appearing as pink, red, earthy-colored, or even purple-looking imprints, fixes, or blemishes on the skin’s surface. Most usually showing up on the neck and face.

You may hear phrases such as a lightweight formula that makes your skin look bright and shine and an advanced formula enriched with nature’s secret ingredients for pigmentation treatment Singapore. Let’s give you the spotless skin you seek.

The pigmentation condition is caused because a substance called Melanin (a shade-giving skin its tone), which is created by skin cells called melanocytes. With effective pigmentation treatment Singapore, this skin condition is treatable.

Different factors or conditions can change melanin creation in the body and cause skin discoloration, such as sun exposure, irritation, and injury, or chemical imbalance. Have you ever thought about getting skincare treatment from specialists?

At Avante Face Body Yoga, we offer pigmentation treatment, Singapore, for all skin types and people. If you are looking for the best pigmentation removal treatment, look no further. Contact us today, and we will arrange a visit.

While some pigmentation types can blur after a while as spots or gentle skin break-out marks. However, most staining cases must get treatment with medicines and other holistic pigmentation treatments, Singapore to remove the discoloration.

For pigmentation treatment, Singapore, we take you through the distinctive series of prognosis and diagnosis and assess causes, and suggest the best medicines and treatments.

In Singapore, if you have pigmentation, that is hyperpigmentation or overabundance melanin creation. The skin concern may cause hazier and lopsided skin tone and show in various structures. Some of them are below, we provide the best pigmentation removal treatment also: 

  • Age Spots – Also known as sunspots or liver spots, they happen on the face, chest, shoulders, and arms. Often earthy-colored, tan, or dark macules that show up on the skin because of increased melanin creation.
  • Melasma – Large patches that show up because of sporadic skin obscuring, melasma influences the face, including temple, nose, upper cheeks, the upper lip, and facial structure. Also, a condition predominant in pregnant women going through hormonal changes.
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) – Dark spots may show up after a skin irritation. For example, skin inflammation Vulgaris or Dermatitis. Often show up on the skin inflammation inclined spaces of the body, including the face and neck.
  • Macular Amyloidosis – A skin condition that can bring about the presence of little grayish or dusty earthy-colored stains in any place on the body. It influences the sun-uncovered spaces of the body, like the face and upper arms in the underlying stages.
  • Suntan – A well-known type of skin pigmentation that happens because of over melanin creation set off by delayed sun exposure. Often noticeable on the face, neck, and arms and is a critical worry among people.
  • Lichen Planus Pigmentosus (LPP) – A condition of grayish patches of pigmented skin that show up in a diffused way transcendently on the face and neck. It brings about constant pigmentation in darker-looking people.
  • Lentigines and Freckles – These are earthy colored to dark spots for the most part around 2 to 3 mm in size. Often caused by the direct impact of UV rays or a hereditary skin condition as well.

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