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Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage (Landing Page Promotion)

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Experience Deeper & Better Sleep while Reducing Brain Fatigue, Neck Tension & Migraine in just 45 minutes.

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Get $38 Bojin Deel Sleep Dry Head Massage Trial Worth ($198 U.P)

Natural Solution To Insomnia and Better Sleep
Improved blood circulation for headaches, migraines and stress reduction for a better and deeper sleep.

Ease Neck Tension and Deepens Breathing Patterns
Improved blood circulation alleviates stuffy nose and improves your breathing and reduce neck pain.

Improves hair regrowth
Alleviate stiffness of the scalp and stimulate nerve endings for hair re-growth.

Reduce Eye Fatigue and improve vision
Improve blood circulation around the eye area to improve vision.

Claim Your Dry Head Massage for $38 Only ($198 U.P)

*Trial only applies to first-timers. Our customers will receive a 45 min dry head massage session.

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Poor Sleep Quality And Brain Fatigue Affecting Your Quality Of Life?

It’s challenging to get a good night’s sleep when constantly stressed by work and life. Lack of good quality sleep can cause many problems such as decreased productivity and severe health issues over time such as depression, insomnia and even sleep apnea.

Dry head massages are the perfect way to relax and de-stress. Not only do they feel amazing, but they also help improve your focus, concentration, and memory.

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Common causes of Poor Sleep

A study by the Singapore General Hospital has found that around 60% of Singaporeans are not getting enough sleep, and this is due to various factors including work-related stress, lifestyle choices and even the use of electronic gadgets before bed. 

Insomnia is also a common problem, with around 30% of Singaporeans suffering from it. This can lead to a whole host of health problems, including fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Avante Dry head massage is a 100% safe(guaranteed) natural solution to ease stress, lack of sleep, lower blood pressure, relieving headaches, neck pain and eye fatigue. 

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Feel An Instant Relieve In Stress & Brain Fatigue, and Experience Better Sleep In Just One Session

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How It Work

The Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage is an ancient healing technique that relaxes the scalp and head, lifts skin cells to increase blood circulation in your brain. It also helps you sleep deeply by pressing on stiff muscles while massaging away toxins collected between tissues all at once without any pain or discomfort!

Head and Neck Massage

Manual massage to help relieve the tension in the Head and Neck region for deeper relaxation.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Oxy essential oil seeps into the skin pore to help purify the skin from within and washed off impurities.

Guasha Acupoint Activation

Using Guasha tools to carefully trigger the different facial acupoints and improve blood circulation.

Our Beauticians

Avante Beauty And Wellness Studios has been providing comprehensive beauty services for more than 7 years and served over 13500+ happy customers.


Beauty Consultant

Amy Lin

Beauty Therapist

Anna Tan

Sales Manager

Jess Siew

Beauty & Body Therapist

Luo Sai Yu

Body Therapist

Suzanne Lim

Beauty Therapist

Diana Loh

Chief Yoga Instructor

Feel An Instant Relieve In Stress & Brain Fatigue, and Experience Better Sleep In Just One Session

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I’ve been getting my facials from Avante for about 6 years now and Amy has been attending to me for about 3 years. She is a quiet and gentle lady who is meticulous about her job and always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I always feel refreshed after her facials and she gives good shoulder massages. The Avante environment and interior is also clean and welcoming and friendly. Highly recommended!
Jasmine Ho
Amy gave me an outstanding facial service on my first time doing a facial. It was very relaxing and distressing and she will attend to your every needs. Looking forward to another session with her next time.
I had a great service with Enyee and Anna too! They are very accommodating and very understanding according to my needs.
Thank you so much! God bless you all 🙏
Have been going for regular facial at Avante for more than 2 years now. Jamie, Jass, Amy and the other therapists there are great! Always welcoming and friendly. The service standard does not differ from various therapists. They do share promotions and recommend things your face may need but they are never pushy. Definitely a great way to relax every month. Thank you for all your effort team 🙂
Sabri M

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dry Head Bojin treatment?

The Bojin therapy is a natural, non-invasive and painless acupressure massage that stimulates pressure points to relieve stress. With several health advantages this treatment also helps improve general well being by reducing pain levels in the client’s body as well as relieving tension from their muscles due an increase blood flow through stimulation of key nerve endings near our skin’s surface

How does this treatment work?

Bojin massages your scalp using the pointed ends of ox horn, jade or stone instruments to clear obstructions in meridian channels. You’ll want this treatment if you’re curious about what a “meridian” is–a way for qi and other basic components such as blood flow (or lack thereof), hormones etc., can travel through our bodies. The acupuncture point names are often describing certain parts within these pathways:  Acupressure points stimulate specific muscle groups which relieve pain while simultaneously boosting flexibility & health.

What are some benefits of dry head massage

Some of the health benefits include: 


  1. Relieves anxiety, fatigue and depressive feelings
  2. Alleviates any neck and shoulder muscle pain
  3. Improves headache and stuffy nose by improving blood flow
  4. Improves sleep of individual
  5. Strengthens hair roots and promote growth
  6. Improve skin tone and quality
  7. Improve immune system


Avante Body and Wellness Terms and Conditions

  • Those who are below the age of 23 years old must be accompanied by their parents
  •  Valid for first-timers only
  •  Your selected outlet will contact you and confirm your appointment within 1-2 days

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About Avante Body & Wellness

Avante is located in Orchard, a short walk from the MRT Station. Avante was founded in 2008 by beauty industry veteran and devout yoga practitioner Miss Diana Loh. The studio symbolises her distinct concept of what relaxation should be like. As a result, the atmosphere from your first visit is one of tranquillity. 

Getting the best services at Avante is a certainty as there are experts to guide you along the way. The yoga classes are tailored to serve young and old, experienced and inexperienced. With state-of-the-art equipment used under close supervision, Avante guarantees the safety of its customers. 

If you prefer to be treated to a moment of pure relaxation, the Beauty Salon and services Singapore would serve you well. Avante Yoga is integrated with Avante Body and Wellness. This provides high-quality training for our Therapists in the art and science of face and body slimming. 

Avante has used the world-renowned INDIBA Proionic non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments throughout its years. Our beauty specialists also handle everything from full body massage to facial yoga. Its goal is to provide Orchard facial and body solutions that are second to none in Singapore.

Delfi Orchard, Singapore

402 Orchard Rd, #05-03 – #05-07 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

Opening Hours: 

Mon – Fri:
12pm – 9pm
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Nearest MRT:
Orchard MRT Station NS22

  • +65 6365 6869

Claim Your Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage Trial for $38 Only ($198 U.P)

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