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About Us

Avante Body and Wellness

is located in Orchard area and just a few minutes walk from Orchard MRT Station. Founded in 2008 by beauty industry veteran and dedicated yogi Ms. Diana Loh, Avante embodies her unique philosophy and vision of creating an urban sanctuary that provides best-in-class services catering to inner and outer beauty. As such, Avante Yoga is co-located and integrated with Avante Body and Wellness Pte Ltd , which provides high quality professional facials, body slimming, and the world-renowned INDIBA Proionic non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments. We are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment from Europe and Japan, all operated by highly trained specialists to give you the best possible results. Thus Avante offers unique and attractive advantages for busy individuals seeking aesthetics as well as yoga in one convenient location.

Ms. Diana Loh Founder & Chief Yoga Instructor

The heart and mind behind Avante

With an unwavering sense of passion for body wellness, Founder and Chief Instructor Ms Diana Loh believes that wellness is for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Since then, Ms Diana Loh founder of Avante Yoga has used her specialty in Yoga to help improve the lives of her many students, and achieved her goal in establishing a wholesome yoga wellness center.

The birth of Avante

Established in 2008, Avante Body and Wellness was established in 2008 by Ms Diana Loh, a yoga practitioner with 16 years of experience. The centre is mainly a yoga studio accompanied by high-technology aesthetic beauty services which provides holistic treatments and services to balance, re-align the mind and soul, and enhance both physical and mental well-being.

Offer our expertise

Avante Body and Wellness aims to provide a range of yoga classes to help customers for different purposes such as ageing, mental and physical wellness, or simply just to get into a better version of themselves. We believe in offering our expert knowledge and delivering quality services to our customers, hence we only use the most premium products and machinery for the best results.

Sharing the love of yoga

Avante Body and Wellness started off in heartland areas, to its present expanded premise at Delfi Orchard. Ms Diana Loh decided to differentiate her business by introducing yoga classes to her customers. Now the renown Chief Yoga instructor of the center is known for sharing inner and outer beauty solutions for the body, mind and soul through Yoga.
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