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Yoga Studio and Beauty Services Orchard

Begin your quest for a healthier lifestyle at Avante Body and Wellness. Our Yoga Studio and Beauty Services Orchard offer a relaxing yoga environment with professional beauty treatments from world-class beauticians. 

Yoga Orchard

Yoga alleviates mental stress and promotes a state of equilibrium between the body and mind. Regular practice strengthens the muscles, boosts endurance, sharpens the mind, and prepares you to deal with everyday problems. The benefits of yoga cannot be overstated, nor can the critical nature of finding the appropriate instructor.

Founded by a woman who understands the intricacies of the practice, the Yoga studio Singapore promises a swell experience. Miss Diana Loh provides a contemporary haven of tranquility for individuals.

Located in Orchard, we enlist the services of Singapore massage, spa & facial therapists who have spent years in the art. Under their supervision, every person, experienced or not, can enjoy the exercise. There is no reason to be afraid, as solid safety standards and protections are in place for yoga newbies. 

Avante tailors its courses to suit your preferences. We provide high quality Singapore Hair Removal, Singapore Spa, Singapore Massage and Singapore Hair Removal Services. You can have fun trying out different yoga styles till you find the one that suits you best. These classes Singapore are not limited to specific genders or age groups. 

Beauty Salon and Services Singapore

Avante takes pride in being a luxury beauty house by providing beauty and health solutions to its customers. We offer a diverse range of beauty services, from facial exfoliation, nail care, full-body massages, and lots more. Our all-in-one beauty solution ensures you get the best treatment without seeking multiple beauty salon and services Singapore. 


Beauty Services



Facial Treatment


Avante’s therapists offer Facial Treatment for Singapore residents. Take a break from the day’s hustle and enjoy a facial in Orchard by only the best in Singapore Facial services. We are based in Orchard Road near Cairnhill and Tanglin area, so you can always be able to get your Tanglin Facial. 

We use quality and highly recommended products and treatments to deep cleanse your skin, eliminating blackheads and delaying the ageing process. Our Orchard facial solutions also promote relaxation and improve skin tone and appearance.  See our facial treatments here.


Full-body treatment


Pay us a visit weekly to get full-body exfoliation and relaxing body solutions. If you require a massage but not a hard muscle-kneading session, an aromatic massage is ideal for you. Additionally, we offer hot stone massage to help alleviate bodily stress. The latter encourages sleep and relaxes sore muscles. Get your Orchard Full Body Massage Singapore anytime.

Do you want smooth, hair-free skin? We have the right solution for you. Our painless hair removal treatment is both safe and effective in removing unwanted hair from all body areas. See our body treatments here.

Affordable services


We put our customers’ interests first; therefore, all our services are cost-effective and affordable. Once we understand your needs, we will work with you on creating a bespoke plan for a good price. Affordable Facial, Massage, Spa services in Tanglin, Cairnhill & Orchard Road areas.

You only need to reach out using the form at the bottom of this page. If you’re lucky, you could get a 50% discount!

About Avante Body and Wellness

Avante is located in Orchard Road area near Tanglin/Cairnhill, a short walk from the MRT Station.

Miss Diana Loh a beauty industry veteran and devout yoga practitioner, started Avante with Avante Aesthetique in 2008 emphasizing outer beauty and wellness management followed by Avante Face Body Yoga in 2015 which emphasizes inner health and beauty through yoga. In 2021 Ms Diana Loh combined both Avante Aesthetique and Avante Face Body Yoga into today’s Avante Body and Wellness.  A healing studio for inner and outer beauty that symbolises her distinct concept of what relaxation and quality healing should be like. As a result, the atmosphere from your first visit is one of tranquillity. 

Getting the best services at Avante is a certainty as there are experts to guide you along the way. The classes are tailored to serve young and old, experienced and inexperienced. With state-of-the-art equipment used under close supervision, Avante guarantees the safety of its customers. 

If you prefer to be treated to a moment of pure relaxation, the Beauty Salon and services Singapore would serve you well. Avante Yoga is integrated with Avante Body and Wellness located in Orchard road with full spa & wellness services in Singapore. This provides high-quality training for our Therapists in the art and science of face and body slimming. 

Avante has used the world-renowned INDIBA Proionic non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments throughout its years. Our beauty specialists also handle everything from full body massage to facial yoga. Its goal is to provide Orchard facial and body solutions that are second to none in Singapore.

Our Locations

Avante Body and Wellness Delfi Orchard

Avante Body and Wellness – Delfi, Orchard

Relocated to Orchard Delfi in 2022, Avante Body and Wellness Singapore is the one-stop solution for Yoga classes, wellness, spa beauty services in Singapore. We are only a 5 minutes walk from the orchard MRT facing directly opposite forum mall.

Address: 402 Orchard Road Delfi, Orchard, #05-03,04,05,06,07
Singapore 238876

Nearest MRT:

Orchard MRT NS22

Yoga Day Trial and Discounted Beauty Services

First timer looking to try out yoga? Avante offers a wide range of yoga classes ranging from hot yoga, dumbbell yoga to flying yoga which you can try out with our 1 day Yoga pass. Contact us to learn more about our yoga day pass.

We also offer a wide range of treatments at affordable prices. We’re here to help you look and feel great. Get a 50% discount on any service or treatment as a new customer.

Click the button below and Fill up the form below to kickstart your journey to a healthy soul and body. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

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