Avante is located in Orchard area and just a few minutes walk from Orchard MRT Station. Founded in 2008 by beauty industry veteran and dedicated Yoga Ms Diana Loh, Avante embodies her unique philosophy and vision of creating an urban sanctuary that provides best-in-class services catering to inner and outer beauty. As such, Avante Yoga is co-located and integrated with Avante Body and Wellness which provides high quality as well as consistent upgrading our Therapists in skillful and knowledgeable face treatments and body slimming. Throughout all these years Avante highly recommend using world-renowned INDIBA Proionic non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments besides we are also equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment from Europe and Japan, all operated by highly qualified Therapists to give you the best possible results. Thus Avante offers unique and attractive advantages for busy individuals seeking aesthetics as well as Yoga in one convenient location.

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Ms. Diana Loh, Founder & Chief yoga Instructor
Avante Body and Wellness was established in 2008 by Ms. Diana Loh, a yoga practitioner with 16 years experience. With Instructor Certificate from Indian Yoga Institute Of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA) Bangalore India in 2005. With honour ‘First’ place representing Singapore in the national & International Himalaya Yoga Olympiad held in SVYASA BangLore. Avante Body and Wellness is a wellness and yoga studio which provides the perfect escape, with holistic treatments and services to balance, realign and enhance both physical and mental well-being through yoga practice. We aims to provide a range of services that can help our customers to better cope with problems such as ageing, health and wellness. We believes in delivering quality results to end users with Promised Results.

What our clients say

If one wants to see examole of a perfect body and total dedication to her work - then the answer is Diana Loh. She is a fantastic trainer and so motivating and fun. I love her classes. She actually makes you go an extra mile to achieve your goals. If you attend one class of hers - I can confidently say you will be back again and again. Highly recommended,

Larisa Nagra Singh

Have only tried their signature facial once and I'm in love! Have been to many facial places but i would say all of their therapists has got the skills man! Would definitely recommend Avante to my friends. Will of course try the Yoga some time soon!

Jasmine Yee

I attended my first class today through Classpass and was so impressed I signed up for their unlimited lunchtime package on the spot. Having just returned to practising yoga after a long break, I really appreciated Diana’s precise instructions and encouraging words. She was patient and personable, and took the time to position me correctly to maximise my practice. Highly recommended!

Angelica Choo

The instrustor very friendly to share all the details regarding yoga and diet plan. Always share the positive things for us. The environment of the class is really awesome. Besides the timetable arrangement just nice for the working person.

Ying Boy Darren

I attended my first ever yoga session with Teacher Diana and my journey so far has been a very pleasant experience! She is really helpful and patient, especially to new joiners. She teaches almost all the classes and even does the all poses and exercises with her students. It really shows how passionate she is about her work and how fit she is. Absolutely recommend Teacher Diana and Avante Yoga!

Heidi Woon

Coach Diana is very friendly and patient to all students. She always check on our posture during the class and also give us choice on the posture and always mention dun force and try do your best during the class. She always mention the more effort you put in the class you confirm will see the result on yourself. So I try to come at least 3 times a week and hope to improve my flexibility more. Thank you.

Christina Ang

I love the way lessons are being conducted at Avante. Teacher Diana is very engaging and she would go around the class to correct our posture. Unlike other yoga studios which I have been to, I feel more valued and engaged as a customer here and I would encourage people who are just starting out on their fitness journey to begin it here. I have benefited a lot through the short 2 months which I have spent here; seeing significant weight loss due to the frequent attendance of classes and changes made to my diet. I definitely highly recommend this yoga studio!

Jacintha Ng

Diana Loh is an awesome Yoga instructor. She is very patient teaching each of her students. I had been troubled by a stick neck problem for many years. Under her guidance my stick neck issues getting improve and now I don't need to spend so much money on the Physical Therapy treatment. Thank you Diana Loh

Koo Robin

Teacher diana is the most energetic and patient instructor. She knows everybody’s names and pays a lot of attention to proper alignment. Being rather new to yoga, she will really guide you and train you to develop slowly and get better and stronger each class. She never fails to brighten my day after a tiring day at work 🙂 Thank you teacher diana!

Anthea Lee

A really good place to practise yoga regardless of the level you are at; be it an individual who is starting out or someone who wants to take their yoga practise to the next level. Diana is really knowledgeable and detailed about the proper practise of yoga and gives personalised attention to all of her students. After practising here for more than a month, I can really see the improvements in my own personal practise and definitely come back for more!

Lydia Lee

Teacher Diana is a very passionate yoga teacher, she is patience and encouraging, ensuring the students are doing the correct pose. She walks around, adjusting student's pose. Overall, I have a good experience attending classes at Avante Yoga.

Calista Liong

From the first time I did my practice here, I already knew I'd definitely come back. Not only it was a good practice, Diana made it to the point she would give attention to each one of her students. She would guide us through to the correct positions and alignments. I definitely recommend this studio the everyone. Go ahead and try it yourself!

Van Evangelista

I take my yoga classes here and the instructors are very attentive to every student. They will individually correct your posture if need be. My mind and body always feel relax after a class.
Always looking forward to another class.
Thumbs up 👍🏻

Chels Andmilktea

I really enjoyed the variety of classes they have. On days when I don't feel like doing too intense stuff I cam just join their therapy classes. Teacher Diana really care about all the students, she would make it a point to go around and correct your poses so that you are working to your full potential.

Lisa Wong

I have practiced yoga in India but Diane has given me an entirely different experience for yoga. She makes the class very interesting and pays attention to minute detail of an individual's yoga posture. I have been doing yoga with her for about 3 weeks now and I dot want to miss even a single class.
thanks for making yoga so interesting diane!

Punya Gulati Sehgal


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