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A mid-sized studio, we embody the best of both big and small, with the personal attention of a boutique, yet featuring the modern facilities, convenience, and access of a larger, full service yoga studio. Diana is truly passionate about her students, and offers a unique curriculum and teaching style that reflect her attentive and hands-on approach. Our diverse selections include basic Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yogalates, Diana Dynamic, as well as beginning classes that focus on stretching, hip opening, balancing, and core strength. We also offer personal training and special topic workshops throughout the year.

Diana will personally supervise your practice, providing hands-on adjustment to your alignment and assisting with active stretching when needed. For beginning students, this is critically important, as the personal feedback will assist with developing proper awareness of postures and breathing early on, cultivating more consistent and physically appropriate progress over time.

All classes are restricted to an absolute maximum of 40 individuals per session to ensure personal guidance and attention, and are conducted in a modern, spacious studio. Our high-performance yoga mats are cleaned daily, and fresh hand towels are provided, so there’s no need to lug your mat around all day!

All Avante yoga  classes are practiced in a controlled 28° Deg C studio environment. This is suitable for yoga students of all levels. The environment is not excessively hot, yet aids in sweating out toxins. It also allows you to move more easily into your poses and stretches, as the heat promotes greater elasticity in your muscles and tendons. In sum, it helps to improve your general fitness, detoxify impurities from the body and aids with weight loss.