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Avante Signature AF5 Facial

An ideal treatment for all skin types, as well as an excellent skin maintenance facial. Choose from 5 different treatments under one programme. This exclusive facial targets at 5 key skin problems – sensitive, acne, aging, pigmentation and dehydration. It regulates cellular metabolism and eliminates dead skin. Skin is rehydrated, revealing an enhanced, refined and supple texture.

Oxy Infusion Indulgence

Using innovative technology to infuse oxygen hygienically to skin cells, it enhances cell rejuvenation and accelerate cells metabolic health. Skin is revitalized, energized and aglow with radiance.

Micro Derma-Smooth

Mild and efficient treatment to remove ageing keratin and exfoliate skin. It enables skin to appear healthier and glowing. Visible signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, age-spots, blemishes and pigmentation are reduced revealing delicate and smoother skin. Uneven skin surface appears smoother and acne scars appear less obvious.

Hydrojet Mesotherapy Treatment

Micro-Needling is a form of Serum Induction Therapy with the intends to smooth wrinkles, improve depressed acne scars as well as reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. It stimulate collagen formation as well as providing a clear topical channel for creams and gels to be effectively absorbed through the top most layer (epidermis) of skin.  Micro-Needling creates a very minor trauma which lasts for a short period of time and does not result in bruising or swelling in the treated area. It’s quickly growing in popularity and is one of the most successful of skin treatments available.

Cosmo Light Therapy

Cosmolight Therapy is a new technology, using the photon power to do skin maintenance and treatment, transfer light energy to cell energy then accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen proteins, increase skin elasticity and take important part in rehabbing aging and acne skin, lighting flecks, skin upgrade and tightening. Symptoms such as aging and loosening skin, enlarge pores, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scarring can be treated using this technology.



INDIBA Beauty  & Eye Radiance

A state-of-the-art, non-invasive medical treatment that produces deep regenerative effects and gives your skin new life. The highly skilled technicians and beauty experts at Avante use highly proprietary INDIBA Proionic Deep Beauty equipment to reverse the visible signs of ageing through use of high frequency electromagnetic waves. Indiba treatments have immediate visible results, and significant long term benefits by altering skin elasticity, increasing metabolism, and stimulating cellular generation activity. This treatment reduces wrinkles and expression lines, dramatically improves the appearance of eye contours, firms & lifts with rejuvenation effects, and redefines facial contours.

ARF Face Care

An alternative to cosmetic surgical face lift. Controlled application of radio frequency energy penetrates deeply to increase cellular energy and promote cell metabolism thus toning facial muscles and sagging skin resulting in more contoured and firm facial features.

Biological Face Lift

Using an innovative biotechnology system from Japan, computer controlled Micro Electric Magnetic Field (MEMF), this treatment targets cell tissues on the surface of the skin to achieve beauty and balance. It is particularly effective for eliminating eye bags and dark eye circles, face lifts, and excellent skin toning.

Micro Derma Lift

With proprietary electro-magnetic equipment from Germany, this treatment uses a probe with 30 micro tips to generate focused vibrations deep inside within skin. By opening micro canals, Derma Lift insures that all products applied to the skin penetrate more deeply, significantly enhancing their absorption and effectiveness. The resulting stimulation also accelerates the skin’s own natural healing, promoting collagen production. Additionally, this treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, and helps to lock-in the skin’s own natural moisture.

Nano Laser Treatment

A deep cleansing and non invasive laser facial therapy using nano charcoal cream for better penetration. Helps to control excessive oil secretion, stimulates collagen, minimize pores, reduce fine lines and helps to even skin tones. Hyper pigmentation, overall firmness and radiance of skin will be greatly improved.

PTF Rejuvenation

The latest in PTF aesthetic technology which is pain-free and non-invasive. Through biological thermal stimulation of intense pulse light, skin elasticity is enhanced together with improved cell metabolism and stimulation for collagen production. This treatment also aids to lighten pigmentation and freckles.

ATELO® Collagen

100% organic Atelocollagen. Developed by top medical researchers in Japan, this hi-tech mask is engineered with purified Atelcollagen protein – which is a water-soluble form of collagen that supposedly penetrates into skin cells easily, to boost collagen levels in skin. Atelocollagen protein is extracted from the skin of fish and is touted to moisturize skin, smoothen wrinkles, reduce eye bags and minimize pores. This mask also contains chitin, a moisturizing agent made from seaweed extract and this forms a protective film on skin to capture moisture and maintain healthy-looking skin. Squalene, another anti-ageing compound, helps to keep skin soft and radiant.

Lip Therapy

A non invasive treatment for our gentle lips. Exfoliate, brighten, smooths wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates and heals dry cracked lips. Accelerate cells renewal to smooth lip lines for a full pouty lips that keep you looking younger.