Avante Family

Beauty Therapist


Amy:- Amy’s the longest serving staff with Avante and boost over 20 years of experience in the beauty line. She has a big “fan’ club with many of Avante’s customers heaping phrases over her knowledge, professionalism and friendliness.


Erica:- Erica is the latest addition to the Avante family. She’s not new to the industry and you’ll be treated to her exceptional skills / treatments provided. With the bags for experiences she has, she’s more than happy to share her expertise in skincare and beauty knowledge to all her customers!

Body Therapist


Jean:- Equipped with years of experiences in body therapy, she knows what your body deserves & able to pinpoint some of your health issues after a massage & will give you her professional advice on how to deal with it.

Beauty cum Body Therapist

combine J & M

Joanne/May :- Both Joanne & May are our senior therapists who are both well experienced with  beauty & body care. Be it a hard cracking massage or the smoothing hot stone/herbal compress massage, both May & Joanne will know exactly what your body longed for.


Jennifer:- Our Thai masseur in Avante, she provides more of a relaxing massage experience to pamper your aching body.

Beauty Adviser


Jamie:- A veteran in the beauty industry who loves to share her knowledge with her colleagues and customers. She believe everyone deserves a healthier / glowing skin.



Bella:- The baby CSO of Avante. Expect to be greeted with the most cheerful smile at the counter.


Dennis:- Avante’s Studio / Business Development Manager. Hes the behind the scene guy who makes Avante tick.