Aromatic Body Massage

If you’re feeling stressed, sore and overtired — in other words, in need of a massage — but you’re not quite in the mood for a strenuous muscle-kneading session, an aromatherapy massage could be for you. The purpose of an aromatherapy massage is not so much to physically work out all the kinks and sore spots in your body, but to use the restorative properties of essential oils to relax and heal your body and mind.

Duration: 45/60/90 Mins
Price: $98/$138/$198
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Hot Stone Massage

Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain. It helps increase blood flow to the affected area. It may also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility and range of motionHot Stone massage also promotes sleep, relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases, boost immunity and may decrease cancer symptoms.

Duration: 45/60/90 Mins
Price: $108/$148/$208
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Herbal Compress Massage

The Herbal Compress Massage offers several potential health benefits: It induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, boosts both emotional and physical well-being, assists alignment and postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs.

Duration: 45/60/90 Mins
Price: $128/$168/$228
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ARF Perfect Curve

Uses controlled high frequency electric currents to produce and maintain uniform heat which reaches below the skin and targets the fat cells. Increasing temperature of fat cells at cellular level with no discomfort, encourages the release of stored fat. Through application of RF, stubborn stored fat is liquified and passed out of the body.. RF can target stubborn areas for contouring while at the same time skin in treated areas is tightened giving it a firm and smooth look.

Duration: 75 Mins
Price: $298
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INDIBA Ultra Bodyslim

Using proionic stimulation with state-of-the art equipment from INDIBA, Avante’s skilled beauticians will literally “sculpt” your body to help achieve your desired look.By physically manipulating cellulite through electromagnetic stimulation, desired contours can be created by reshaping, with skin simultaneously toned and firmed via underlying cellulite shifts to remove sags and wrinkles.The final results are dramatic and self-evident, a slimmer and a more youthful appearance, one that cannot be achieved with any other equipment or technique. This treatment is suitable for body contouring, breast lifting, and dealing with cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy arms.

Duration: 75 Mins
Price: $498
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Parafango Detox Treatment

Exotic name, delightful results.  A mixture of Volcanic Sea Mud and Paraffin. Eliminate toxins with an in-depth purification. Helps reduce cellulites, blood circulation, relieve joints pain and muscles soreness, revitalizes the skin, reduce water retention, increase energy and stimulates the lymphatic flow on our body to draw out toxins from around the fat cells. Recommended for after birth slimming.

Duration: 75 Mins
Duration: 75 Mins Price: $198
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PTF Hair Removal

PTF hair removal is a safe, effective and commonly used treatment, providing optimal results in the removal of unwanted hair in all areas. Hair growth is minimized and lightened after a few treatments. You want to look and feel your best, and have the confidence of knowing you are getting the highest quality care and treatment.

Duration: -
Price: $138 - $398
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Other Services

  • Intensive Back Treatment
  • Anti-Stretch Mark
  • Ear/Body Candling
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Intense Back Treatment (Micro-Dermasmooth/Medibac skin)
  • Eye Guasha Treatment
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