Good News!!!

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Hi Yogi, GOOD NEWS!!😃 1st July 2020 re-opening Yoga class appointment starts. On going we are planning to provide a lot more social distance between mats, with the MOE sports guideline advisor, we have to reduce capacity by offering 10 students + 1 instructor to allow appropriate safe social distancing where you will feel safe […]

Coronavirus (Covid 19)

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) After 3/4/2020 updates from our PM speech on the response to the covid 19 coronavirus outbreak, we have made the decision to temporarily close Avante studio as of our pre-cautionary measure. Avante have made this decision to protect the health and well being of our yoga students and beauty customers as well […]

Underarm Permanent Hair Remover

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PTF (Photo Therogy Flash) technology is the advanced and improved version of IPL ( Intensive Pulse Light_. It is based on the principle of selective phjoto-thermolysis, in which ligh is selectively absorved in the hair shaft and hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. Therefore they absorbed more light than the surrounding area,causing the […]